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UKM Forensic Science offers Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science (Honours). Established in 2006, the primary objective of this Programme was to improve the quality of forensic science services in Malaysia by providing education and research platforms. It serves as a bridge to link the gap between academic sectors and forensic science practitioners from different background and agencies. This is also part of nation’s initiatives to build a strong knowledge foundation in forensic sciences and to ensure its correct application in the court of law.

Forensic Science Programme was developed and administrated under the Faculty of Health Sciences (FSK), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia since 2005. All teaching and learning activities were previously conducted at UKM Kuala Lumpur Campus, Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz. In 2008, UKM Forensic Science underwent a major curriculum revision by introducing a three-year foundation course in chemistry as a standard requirement for the forensic graduates to be recognized as chemists by the Malaysian Institute of Chemistry. This requires students to attend chemistry courses managed by Faculty of Science & Technology (FST) in UKM Bangi, while other forensic science courses managed by the Programme are partially conducted in UKM Bangi and UKM Kuala Lumpur. In 2010, UKM Forensic Science established its first administrative branch in UKM Bangi at Pusanika, before moving in to a new satellite office at FST Dean’s Block in 2013. Today, all administrative and learning activities for students are centralized in UKM Bangi.

At UKM Forensic Science, we practice academic flexibility in teaching with a rich-content learning environment. Students enrolled in this Programme will experience interactive learning atmosphere from inter-faculty learning activities. To ensure learning contents are relevant and up to date, course reviews are made every semester with the involvement of various forensic-related agencies as stakeholders. UKM Forensic Science is also the center for soft skills development, with ethical, leadership professional values are embedded in the learning contents and other non-academic activities. Students are also encouraged to be actively engaged with local community and environment as part of our social responsibility.

Throughout the years, UKM Forensic Science has been connected through various government and private sectors. Other than teaching, staffs are experts in their respective fields and consistently active in research, publication and provide forensic consultations to clients. Considering the important role of forensic science towards nation’s building, in 2015, UKM Chancellery provides assistance in the establishment of UKM Forensic Science office and lab facilities in the vicinity of Perpustakaan Tun Seri Lanang, UKM Bangi. We are expecting relocate to new permanent location this and we hope to offer our first postgraduate program in the same year.

With the combination of learning activity, talent development and social responsibility towards nation’s new generation in one institution, UKM Forensic Science is nation’s leading forensic academia!