The Degree

Forensic Science Degree in UKM conducts a minimum of 4 years undergraduate program. There are 4 main elements embedded in this course, i.e. Chemistry, Health Science, Crime Scene Investigation and Law. Enrolled students are trained to have skills in forensic evidence management, analyse and interpret the evidence and able to present their expert opinion in the court of law.

This unique degree offers trans-disciplinary approach with collaborations of different Faculties in the University e.g. Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Science & Technology & Faculty of Law. Teaching and learning also consider the involvement of local enforcement authorities related to forensic science services such as Royal Malaysian Police, Fire & Safety Department of Malaysia, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and more.

Students will be exposed to the forensic working environment in the industrial training module and experience forensic science research to produce scientific publication during final year of study.


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Sarjanamuda Sains Forensik dengan Kepujia2

Sarjanamuda Sains Forensik dengan Kepujia3

Sarjanamuda Sains Forensik dengan Kepujia4


*Course offerings might be different in each semester. Please consult the Head of the Programme for further information.