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The Forensic Science unit is composed of Forensic Science professional with a combined experience of more than 25 years in the service. Each consultants are specialized in a particular area with at least a Master’s degree to show as proof. In the past the members has handled numerous local and overseas cases. To compliments the efficiency and response of the unit, each consultation when required will be backed up by at least one degree level forensic scientist that is accredited in a particular speciality of forensic. Analysis conducted by the unit is also supported by a well trained lab technician composed of scientific officers and assistant forensic science officers. The combination of highly trained and knowledgeable professionals dedicated to provide reliable, quality, efficient and discreet service will ensure that cases that we handle will be evaluated at all angles with up most confidentiality thus giving you a piece of mind.



The services we provide are of high professional quality. To ensure we provide reliable reports, vetting and reconfirmation of all results are done at regular intervals. A rigid standard operating procedure (SOP) are also adopted to ensure reproducibility.



Although our unit is under the private wing of National University of Malaysia (UKM), confidentiality of cases will be our main priority. To ensure no information leakage occurs, all case files including agreement documents will be handled by the unit and not by the main office. Information compartmentalization will be adopted at all levels. Ounce cases are completed hard copies will be stored in special boxes that would require two officers to open and all soft copies will be encrypted using latest encryption techniques. CASE MANAGEMENT Prior to accepting cases from clients, we will evaluate if clients truly require our services free of charge. If we find that we are able to contribute to the case we will then build a suggested term of reference (TOR) and a team composed of specific consultants and support staff. If some speciality is not present we will then obtain consultants from other organization. An estimated time of case completion and cost will also be provided and discussed with clients. We provide various levels of case management and consultation. Below are a few examples:

  • Expert case consultation
  • Court Sit in consultation
  • Lab report/ report consultation
  • Crime scene consultation
  • Crime scene processing
  • Sample analysis
  • Crime scene reconstruction
  • Crime scene simulation
  • Expert testimony

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